How to turn spreadsheets into visuals webinar

How to turn spreadsheets into visuals – looking for the clues in spreadsheets that reveal which visual would be more effective

Copying a spreadsheet onto a slide is not effective. Don’t just take my word for it. In a recent survey, audience members said the biggest issue with financial presentations is too many numbers. They want visuals, not more spreadsheets on slides.

If you are an analyst, finance professional, accountant, manager, or executive, this could be a problem. They don’t teach you visuals in financial analysis courses. They teach you how to crunch the numbers. Which is good for analysis, but not good for presenting the results of that analysis to senior executives.

You don’t need to learn graphic design. You need to learn to be a detective that looks for clues in the spreadsheet. Find the clues and, along with your knowledge of the analysis, you will figure out the message you need to communicate. Then you can create a visual that shows the message much better than the table of numbers.

That’s what I did in this webinar. I showed ten clues to look for in the spreadsheets you are probably creating every day. For each clue, I gave examples of the types of questions the boss likely was asking, and words that you can use to identify this type of clue. Then I showed examples of visuals you can create that show the message better than a table of numbers. Many of the visuals can be created in Excel or PowerPoint, some are created only in PowerPoint. I didn't go into the step-by-step details of how to create each visual because that would have taken hours and you will already know how to create many of them (if you need help creating effective presentation visuals, check out this set of tutorials).

When you are done watching the 75 minute webinar recording, you will have greatly expanded the library of visuals you know can be used to communicate messages about financial information. You will become the go-to person in your office for financial presentations. This webinar recording  is for anyone who is asked to create financial presentations, whether ones they will deliver or slides for the boss to integrate into a larger presentation.

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