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Guided self-study course to create more effective PowerPoint presentations

I rarely hold public courses, so if you are an individual looking for a course that covers the same content as my workshops, this is the course for you. Click here to learn more and register.

After the Analysis: Communicating results from Excel in PowerPoint

Learn the three approaches to using Excel data in PowerPoint and the different methods in each approach. Step-by-step videos will have you using Excel data effectively in PowerPoint. Click here to learn more and register.

Alternatives to Bullet Point Text

Not all text needs to be in bullet points. In this course, see nine alternative ways to format text slides and watch the step-by-step videos so you can start creating better text slides. Click here to learn more and register.


Recorded Webinars & Videos

  • How to turn spreadsheets into visuals webinar

    How to turn spreadsheets into visuals – looking for the clues in spreadsheets that reveal which visual would be more effective Copying a spreadsheet onto a slide is not effective. Don’t just take my word for it. In a recent survey, audience members said the biggest issue with financial presentations is too many numbers. They want ...

  • Techniques for Using Financial Data in PowerPoint webinar

    Financial data is confusing if all you do is paste a huge spreadsheet on a slide. This webinar will show you the techniques in PowerPoint to create financial slides that are easier for the audience to understand. Accountants and financial professionals have always needed to put financial data into their presentations. With an increased focus on ...

  • Using Diagrams in PowerPoint to Illustrate Your Message webinar

    Diagrams allow you to illustrate concepts or ideas in a way that bullet points just  can’t match. You don’t need specialized graphics training to create effective diagrams. This webinar will show you examples, best practices, and the insider techniques to quickly create diagrams in PowerPoint. Graphs are a good way to make numeric information visual. But ...

  • Using Animation to Focus the Audience, Not Annoy Them webinar

    Audiences are annoyed by the swirling, twirling and flying effects that make them dizzy.  Learn how to use animation effects to focus your audience on your message and keep them glued to your presentation. You’ve seen the annoying flying text, bouncing photos and swirling shapes.  These uses of animation effects lead some to suggest you avoid ...

  • 20 Expert Tips to Create Persuasive PowerPoint Slides webinar recording

    Tanja Parsley, a fellow professional speaker, and President of Partners in Performance, asked me to share some key tips on how to create effective slides. In this webinar, I mostly used slide makeovers to illustrate the ideas, so you get to see the impact that each tip can have on your own presentations.

  • PowerPoint 2007 How-To webinar

     Gain an unfair advantage over other presenters by using little known techniques in PowerPoint to create persuasive visuals that have impact Learn from the comfort of your office in under 90 minutes and pay less than fifty dollars. When’s the last time you got this much useful information for so little money? In my recent public workshops, conference ...