Free ebook: How to Present your Excel data effectively to Executives

Excel is the best tool for analyzing data. But Excel is for calculation, not communication. When it comes to communicating the results of our analysis, we need to create a presentation.

If the presentation is effective, executives notice us and our career accelerates because communication is one of the top skills cited as necessary for progressing into senior roles. Unfortunately, too many presentations of financial, operational, and technical information suffer from the problems audiences identified in this recent survey I conducted.

I want to help you present your Excel data effectively to executives. I have created a 24 page ebook that you can have for free just by registering below. This ebook covers:

  • Deciding on your message and how to have the backup data available if a question is asked
  • How to make graphs effective (in Excel or PowerPoint)
  • Advanced graphing techniques, including some graphs that you may not have seen before
  • How to copy or link the Excel data to PowerPoint

This ebook will help you create the types of visuals that provide insight to executives. You will see many examples of effective visuals, learn what to do in order to create these visuals, and have links to specific articles and tutorials that give additional implementation information.

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Just so you know in advance, here is what else I will send you:

  • Any time I update the ebook with more information or links, I will send you the new version
  • I’ll let you know of any events coming up for professionals who present financial and operational data
  • Every few months I will also send you links to articles of interest in this area.

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