20 Expert Tips to Create Persuasive PowerPoint Slides webinar recording

Tanja Parsley, a fellow professional speaker, and President of Partners in Performance, asked me to share some key tips on how to create effective slides. In this webinar, I mostly used slide makeovers to illustrate the ideas, so you get to see the impact that each tip can have on your own presentations.

Here are some of the topics that I covered:

  • How to create a clear goal statement on your first slide that focuses the audience in the first 60 seconds
  • Where to put the “About our company” slides (Dave explains why they should NOT be at the start of your presentation, and where they should be instead)
  • How to use builds and callouts to focus on the key message
  • How to select colours that work
  • What fonts to use and what sizes to choose (you’ll see examples that will make Dave’s recommendations crystal clear)
  • How to transform slides full of numbers into meaningful visuals that don’t force the audience to do math to figure out your point
  • How to make sure the message of a graph is clear and not misinterpreted
  • Using visuals to show date-based information instead of listing dates on a slide
  • An example that makes it easy to see why photos are more powerful than text
  • …and much more!

Here's what Tanja said about the webinar: “If you’ve been looking for ideas to take your PowerPoint slides to the next level, you’d be wise to invest in this one hour webinar replay. I’ve seen the way Dave’s ideas have transformed my slides and slides for my clients, and I am a big fan of his. I’m so glad he’s agreed to share this hour with you and show you some of the same tips that companies pay him thousands of dollars for.”

We recorded the entire webinar and it is available for only $49. When you purchase, you instantly download the entire recording in the standard WMV format that plays in almost any media player. Watch it at your own pace, pausing when you want to try the techniques on your own slides. Click on the Add To Cart button below to order and download your copy now.

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